excellentleader_smallAs a business leader, you know that working to take your company to the next level of success is challenging, and that worthwhile opportunities to interact with other leaders and to develop your own leadership are rare.

The Excellent Leader® Process has been developed out of more than two decades of work with business leaders and owners and provides the essential framework for leaders to begin an intentional process of discovery and development, using their own experiences, and the wisdom of other leaders as they work to actually be an Excellent Leader®.

The Excellent Leader® knows that effectiveness is about staying sharp and providing other leaders with the same opportunity. Finding and developing successor leaders is essential to the ongoing success of your company and the Excellent Leader® Process  is a keystone in establishing Certified Successor®: a developed leader who can face the challenges and changes in pursuing the success and succession of his or her company..

The Excellent Leader® Process is not training; it is a real-time, dynamic development opportunity for leaders that are serious about making the move to the next level of being a great leader.