The pursuit of success and succession in business is founded on intentional efforts designed to help businesses succeed. The dynamics involved in succession planning can be identified and coordinated to increase the probability that succession occurs incredibly well.

This two day training will provide you with an understanding of the following:

  • Each of the 10 critical, interdependent factors impacting business succession; the Succession Matrix®.
  • How each of the 10 elements of the Succession Matrix® impact and interact with each other.
  • How to approach diverse succession planning challenges using real life case studies.
  • The fundamentals of a results-driven succession planning process.
  • How teams of succession planning specialists can work together to bring the highest level of expertise to each area of need.
  • Each of the available International Succession Planning Association™ certifications and their use.

This is a two-day seminar that includes all training materials, refreshments for two breaks and lunches each day, and your first year membership in the International Succession Planning Association™. This training is the basis for all ISPA® certifications, and can be the foundation for any succession planning practice.

Please contact us for pricing and availability of this workshop.